Data Protection (GPDR)

We would like to make clear to our customers what happens with their data on For this reason, we have created a page with explanations that (hopefully) provide clarification on this topic.

  1. Anonymous data collection
  2. What information do we have and what is it used for?
  3. How do we handle your data?
  4. How can you delete the data?


  1.  Anonymous data collection

At Haken en Maken we use multiple ways to see which products are the most frequently viewed and sold, this is done with the help of Google Analytics and a Facebook pixel. The data that we collect with this is only about the website and will not contain any personal data such as a name or email address.

2. What information do we have and what is it used for?

The personal data such as IP addresses, first name, and last name, email address, etc. are only obtained by the customer and will not be purchased. This data will only be used to make an order, to deliver and to complete your purchase. The data can also be used to assist customers.

3. How do we handle your data?

The data is stored with encryption on the web servers of Haken and Maken. The database backups are also encrypted and stored on an external server for extra strong security. No data will be sold or forwarded to external companies.

4. How can you change or delete the data?

All data that we have can be viewed under the heading “My account” and can be changed.

If a customer wants to permanently delete an account you may send us an email to The customer must enclose the following information for verification.

First and last name,
The address that was last known,
Say if you want a copy of your data via e-mail,
The email must also be sent from the same email address that is known to us.

If there are any further questions you can send an email to